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Couple of drinksm

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I Looking Men Couple of drinksm

What a deal! It's also common to say "a couple" instead of "a couple of".

Does couple of drinksm remeber the movie scene, where the King of France is asked if he had as many mistresses as people say, and he responds: How many are a lot? How many are a driksm

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D http: I am not sure about "a couple of" but I always say couple of drinksm few of" instead, when I want to mention something with a number more than two: A few lovers? A couple of lovers?

A lot of lovers? Many lovers?

Couple of drinksm

A heap of lovers? Or is it something else?

Thank you. I understand " Is there any reason for the bartender to refuse to give them any more drinks? May be it was closing time when the customers asked him or may be they were too drunk, more than normal.

Couple of drinksm give context.

Couple of Drinks EP | SPOD

Asking couple of drinksm something "to go" means that you don't intend to stay at coupel restaurant. You want to take the food or drinks with you, and you're probably going to go eat it at home or wherever you want.

Normally restaurants do this for food, coffee. In many places couple of drinksm illegal to drink in public, so if you order an alcoholic drink at a bar, you need to drink it.

The laws about taking of alcoholic drinks away from the bar where you bought the drinks is illegal in some countries and drinks, others not.