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Filthy girls North Wildwood

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I find them so very sexy. Got Bush.

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New Jersey unknown.

A great state to live in. That's why all the obnoxious New York trash who filthy girls North Wildwood it as "Joisey" and Pennsylvanian hick scum come here for vacations.

A classy state with classy towns. Home of the Pine Barrensone of the most unique, beautiful, and important forests in the WORLD, and people have the nerve to say that Jersey smells like pollution that's only around New York and Philly, fellas.

All in all, a totally misunderstood state. Just stay away from Camden. I went to college in PA and now realize how much it blows compared to New Jersey.

The illest, most hardcore state in America. The ghettos are the most ghettoy in the world and the rich parts are the richest in the world. In short New Jersey goes harder than any other state.

Non-New Jerseyian: Ya know what mutherfuckerget out da car, it's mine. A toxic waste filthy girls North Wildwood area so large that it was given statehood. Cawfeepizzaboardwalk subs and cheese fries are life.

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The highest paid teachers in the country and the top 5 in education every year. There's two parts Dirty Jersey and South Jersey.

Fuck you im from texas New Jersian: Bitch fuck you im from jersey New Jersey is the only place in the country Noth live. The dumbest, most retarded state in the U.

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An absolute disgrace to the entire nation, a filthy dump, and full filthy girls North Wildwood nothing but skanks and retards who can't talk correctly.

Luckily, they will never be able to understand what any of this says because none of them can read. North Korea: A state in the U.

Just like most other cities. Has it's fair share of crime but hey, where doesn't? The American version of Manchester definition also provided for Manchester.

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