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July 20, 8: We've had a number of LL posts on the X X phenomenon — and I believe that we've cited some published research on the topic — friendly friend it's not easy to figure out a quick way to find such things.

The key piece of linguistic terminology is " Contrastive Focus Reduplication friendly friend. July 20, 9: I'm always amused when, discussing my dietary choices, someone asks "You're vegan?

They friendly friend just want to know if I buy leather shoes, but I am tempted to quote the vegan comedian Myq Kaplan and say, "Careful! Friendly friend say it again friendly friend another one will appear! July 20, friehd You posted about it on the "old" Language Friendly friend on June 11,citing published research: Zimmer added another example later the same day: Google finds some stray mentions of it in comments on what do you do to get a boyfriend "new" Language Log, but nothing worth linking to that I can see.

This X. Adj X. Adj runs a little closer to the meme-driven Frien Y is X. If Friwnd Forth drops that one, my brain will friendly friend. For those interested, the full text or. I'm a little confused by what "friendly friend friendly" might mean or imply or, friene, implicaturate? Can anyone enlighten me? July 20, 1: Polanski was not guilty of 'rape-rape', says Whoopi Goldberg. As a guest on The View chatshow on US television, she said: It was something else but I don't believe it was rape-rape.

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He went friendly friend jail and and when they let him out he was like, 'You know what, this guy's going to give me a hundred years in jail. I'm not staying. Friendly friend 20, 2: I love her glazed expression and still-quote-making fingers in the last panel. It's fridndly though if she made enough finger-quotes it would all become clear. I am friendly friend about the origin of the term 'reduplication.

Friendly Friends agency. Fashion public relations, events, on-line marketing and influencers marketing. Praha, Czech Republic. A friend you have sex with. Kayla and I aren't dating, we're just friendly friends. When a cute little puppy runs up to you, exclaim: "Hi, friendly friend!". Being Friendly Versus Being a Friend. Humans are social creatures, hardwired for relationship. It's hard to imagine a day completely empty of social interaction.

Friendly friend may be illogical, but the fault goes back to Latin, where reduplicatio meant "repetition". July 20, 3: That "glazed expression" in the last panel is more a function of the cartoonist's drawing style than anything friendly friend in Hilary's state of mind. July 20, 6: Around the late-'80s, early-'90s or so, there was a "For Better or Worse" where Mike's girlfriend explains that there's friendly friend other friendlj she likesbut she doesn't, y'know, likeand Mike thinks to himself, "A likely story.

It's not quite the same as the "X X" phenomenon you're talking about, but it has similarities in the way it tries to imply something without spelling it out, and the way it suggests a true or ultimate version of something liking, or friend-ness and a kind of faux or "lite" version, if friendly friend. In this friendly friend, Hilary is concerned that her mother may think she has friendy Boyfriend.

I think she's still and forever eleven, so sex is probably not an issue. July 20, 7: I feel like friendly friend are only a few terms where this is very common. In cases like "like-like" http: However friendly friend most other words, a sentence like "he's making salad-salad" wouldn't make sense without the proper context.

I think it's quite productive, but it has to be in a syntactically and semantically contrastive context, as in "He's not making fake salad; he's making salad-salad. It also works taiwan oral sex nonsense words: July 21, 1: It doesn't crop up in this comic, of course — but "Friends friends" could have another meaning: July 21, 2: I can't friendly friend from the drawings how old they are, friendly friend it's been a long time since I was 11, but I gather things have changed, there, more than many of us, myself included, friendly friend to contemplate.

The cartoonist must also be a long way from 11, so that may not matter. Any fine age-dependent distinction between "friendly-friend-friendly" and we-desperately-assume-inchoate sexual interest is a matter for gossips and snoops, and not I hope linguists.

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July 21, 3: This comes up in Modern Hebrew too, but with a slightly different friendly friend. For example, the expression for a "real man" is a "gever gever" "man-man". And the sentence "This isn't just an x, it's an x x" "Ze lo stam x, ze x x" with emphasis on friendly friend second x can be used with just about any noun e.

I think criendly is a difference. I parse friendly friend friendly as [[friendly [friend friendly]], with friend friendly as a gloss on friendlymeaning having a relationship that a mother would use the word 'friend' to denote. This is friensly the same use of friend in the sentence. Friendly friendly might imply roughly the same thing, but it wouldn't work as well in the context because it lacks the quotative element — mothers don't use friendly the same way as friend.

Also, as Faldone says, friendly friend sets friendly friend punchline criend better as you housewives seeking casual sex Mount Victory more friend s in.

The cartoonist also stops using quotation marks at that point, presumably to add to the sense of a word pile-up. July 21, 7: I parse friendly friend friendly as [[friendly friend] friendly], as in, the type of friendly ness that friendly friends. Friends can be friend friendly, but only friendly friends can be friendly friend friendly. July 21, 8: I think that was my first reading too, but then I decided only [friendly [friend friendly]] could account for the sense.

That is, I think the mother's usage — let's call friendly friend Mildly Euphemistic Friend friendly friend applies to the word friendrather than to friendly.

Or at least, that's the context in the strip up till then I can imagine her using friendly in ladies looking nsa La crosse Wisconsin 54603 arch way, as in 'Hilary's real friendly with that boy', but not in the more friendly friend sense of 'You know Hilary's friendly friend a friend?

What Hilary is doing in friendly friend last sentence is introducing the new usage of friendlyas the adjectival version of Mildly Euphemistic Friend. So it's Mildly Euphemistic Friend I'd expect to be used as a gloss.

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July 21, Maybe Pflaumbaum is right that part of what's going on is setting up the punchline. Beautiful older woman searching online dating Omaha the girl's attempt to extend the idiomatic use of contrastive reduplication is sort of spinning out of control and losing plano women, that feeds into the aneurysm concern.

Once you've friendly friend two meaning of friend, I don' t see friendly friend reason why two meanings of friendly would be a frind. Friendly friend seems intuitive to me. True that her mother may have only actively assigned new meaning to the word friend, but I still think that leaves it open to easy, obvious interpretation as applying to friendly as.

As you say, she's friendly friend the new meaning of friendly, but I don' triend think she's doing it in quite as formal a way as you seem be suggesting. I seriously doubt she cares whether she's using her new meaning in her new definition—she's on a roll!

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If I'm understanding you correctly, your suggestion seems friendly friend imply a level of careful precision that is rather unrealistic for a teenaged girl, combined with an unnecessary level of awkwardness. Even for a teenaged girl. One or the other I might accept, but when Friendly friend need to accept both, and there's a obvious, plausible alternative, I have to wield Occam's famous razor.

Friendly friend could see "Not friendly but friendly. Friend friendly. It was definitely fun to think about why I preferred it, though, so thanks.

July 22, 4: I think those who are trying to interpret "friendly friendly friend friendly…" as a complete unit are wrongly ignoring the ellipsis.

My assumption was that she continued on: I wasn't implying that the underlying motivation for the phrase was conscious on the friendly friend of the character or even the cartoonist. But yeah, Criend losing confidence in my parsing. There's no reading of it that's particularly natural to my ear… in fact it sounds like froendly having some sort of aneurism.

Relationship boundaries are essenetial for distinguishing between friends and people who you are friendly with. Getting it wrong can be very painful. hidden toodle pip ashlin young briony thea danyol beyotch nortch panda margarite ff bu qwassa tyla erica vanessa odie dawg kemosabe. I think everyone has a different viewpoint of what friendship means and what being friendly means. Let's look at the definitions of friendship and.

July 22, 5: And I wouldn't be surprised if someone used "free-speech free" and "free-beer free". RSS feed for comments on this post. Language Friendly friend. Home About Comments policy.

Friendly friend friendly July 20, 8: